But...without staring at a blank screen wondering what to write, or losing it like Jack Torrance in The Shining?     

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"Elke has been nurturing to my craft yet remains objective throughout. I love Elke’s passion for writing and for encouraging other writers. It's with Elke’s encouragement that I’ve set even higher goals for myself."

Karolyn Smith


Your Why

Stop floundering in a sea of ideas, fear and doubts and focus on writing your book instead by digging deep to uncover why YOU want to write. 

Book Premise

Do you go into a long montage about your story and characters with no real direction when people ask about your book? How about clearly telling people what your book is about instead? 

Your Story Idea

Stay excited and focused when writing your book by creating an enticing book description that'll attract readers to click buy when your book is finished.

One Page Summary

Avoid 'writing a synopsis' dread with this simple method to create a roadmap to help you write AND one that'll help you pitch your book when it's finished. 

Start Strong

When writing a book two important things are needed:

-A solid mindset to manage your fear, doubts, and writing blocks while writing. 

-A simple writing routine with what days/times you'll write and your goal while writing.    

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Frequently Asked Questions

You'll have: 

-Story Clarity so you're not floundering or staring at a blank page when you sit down to write. 

-A Synopsis so you stay focused while writing your book. 

-A solid mindset so you start strong and know how to manage your writing blocks.  

-A simple writing routine so you know what days and times you'll write your book, and you're goal. 

No. Along with daily emails, you'll have immediate access to the training videos and the workbook, so you can start and finish at your own pace. 

The training will guide you through each step, however you can work with what you know and have at this stage and fill in the areas you don't know later. 

Sounds like just what I need!