A Group Coaching Program

You have a story idea but you don't know where to start...

You started writing your book, but now you're stuck...

You're tired of saying you'll write a book, but every year your book isn't done...

It's time for you to Write The Damn Book!

And How About SUPPORT To Get You There?

You'll write and edit your first draft in 6 months because you have a success roadmap, along with focus, and weekly accountability to get you there.

You'll work through the blocks that've stopped you from writing, and actually finish your fiction book.

You get support and encouragement from a writer who's been there and can provide strategic advice & tools.


We all underestimate how much goes into writing a book until we type-the end.

You've started before but just can't seem to reach the end or maybe your don't know where to start. Character or plot? What makes a great chapter or scene?

Maybe you struggle to find time to write, or your fears and doubts cripple you when you sit down to write.

Regardless of the challenges, their enormity is shutting down your creativity and stopping your from finishing your book!

Trust me, I understand. But, a book coach is expensive! And, the kick-ass coaches are booked months in advance. But, DIY is a bad idea, because you need accountability to keep you on track along with support and - oh look! A shiny new story idea!

That's the fantastic benefit of group coaching. You get all the perks of having a book coach, but without the high cost. Win-Win!


  • Confusion of where or how to start your book
  • Too many story ideas
  • Racked with fear, doubt, and blocks
  • ​Not knowing how to fix your story issues
  • Unfinished book


  • Expert guidance to write your book
  • ​Your story issues resolved and a path to finish
  • Confidence whenever you write
  • A finished edited first draft



  • Provide clarity so you’re not floundering in a sea of ideas or uncertainty
  • Private and group coaching calls for accountability
  • A structured program with a success roadmap to finish writing and editing your book
  • Weekly co-writing sessions so you get writing DONE
  • Mindset support so you write with confidence and consistency


I'm Elke Feuer, an author of traditional and self-published books, and book coach.

I empower writers to create a writing routine that fits their lives, set and meet their writing goals, and write with confidence and consistency.

I use systems, checklists, workbooks, and videos to make learning easy and fun, compliments of 18 years in the project management industry.

I provide focus, support, and accountability to carve out the amazing writer inside you.


Write the Damn Book is a comprehensive program that meets you where you are with writing your fiction book and provides you with content and resources to write and edit your first draft, and ready to work with a professional editor in six months.

Build a Foundation

If you’re starting from just an idea or can’t choose, you’ll get clarity about the best story idea to write. From clarity you’ll create a story bible, a writing routine to fit your life, and unpack writing blocks that kept you from starting or finishing your book in the past, so they don’t become an obstacle when you start writing.

Write the Book

Once you have a strong foundation, you’ll create a writing plan to write your first draft and gain strategies for starting and finishing strong, along with how to maximize your writing time and stay motivated.

Edit the Book

Learn how to self-edit your book, work with beta readers, and prepare your book for professional editing. Discover how to find and work with professional editors from an editor with over 30 years of experience.

Coaching Calls

Group and private coaching calls designed to provide an assessment of where you are with writing your book, and accountability calls to make sure you reach your goal using the Program Success Roadmap.

The program doesn’t require you to following a specific roadmap other than one that takes you from where you are to finished edited first draft.

After receiving a book assessment, you’ll have clarity about what sections of the program to work through to finish your book.

Okay, I know this all sounds great, but if you’re anything like other writers, you knowing that wanting to write that book and having a plan is one thing, but doing the work is something else.

Write the Damn Book isn’t just about watching videos and filling in forms.

I designed it so you can implement the content and get results-your first draft written, edited, and FINISHED.

Here’s how the program shifts you from being blocked or with a half-written book to doing what you need to:

Accountability Group Coaching Calls

Weekly group coaching calls with your chance to ask questions you have about writing your book, set your weekly goals from your writing plan, and discuss any challenges with working through the program content or if you just need support and encouragement to keep going.

Assessment Coaching Calls

When you join the program, you’ll receive a book assessment and a private coaching call to map out how you’ll finish your book and meet your goals.

Each month, you will have a call with Elke to review your progress and identify the next steps toward completing your book. The coaching calls are not about guilt, but designed to close the gap between where you are to where you need to be to achieve success.

Live Interactive Training Videos

You’ll participate in live trainings designed to help you manage your mindset during the program with topics covering fear, doubt, motivation, self-confidence, and more. The trainings are also designed to help improve your productivity and maximize your writing sessions so you write more words and reach your writing goals consistently. 

Writer’s Academy Courses

The program contains courses on specific content that make it easy to find what you need and work through content to get the information and results. These courses include Create a Writing Routine, Ditch the Fear and Write, Start Your Book Now and more.

Weekly Co-Writing Sessions with Elke

Write live weekly with Elke and other writers in the program to work on your story whether you're plotting, creating your characters and setting, or writing scenes. You'll get the focus and accountability you need to hit your weekly writing goals.

Writer’s Academy Library

Access to my collection of training videos with content on every topic for writing your book. From building your story bible, to creating believable characters and settings, and plotting your book from start to finish to writing great scenes, the challenges of a writing life and much more.


LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE - The program is open to 10 writers ONLY!

This is a Small Group Program so each writer receives individualized attention.



  • Fiction writers who have a story idea and looking for help to finish writing and editing it.
  • You started writing your book weeks, months or maybe even years ago, and you’re ready to finish it.
  • You've been saying you'll write a book every year and you’re ready to stop talking and not only start but finish writing it.
  • You’re ready to ditch your fear, doubt, and other blocks that keep you from writing your book.


  • Non-Fiction writers looking to write a book to grow their business.
  • Fiction writers looking for someone to provide developmental editing while writing their books.
  • Children’s picture book writers.
  • Non-Fiction writers writing a memoir, self-help or other types of non-fiction books.


Question: What’s the cost?

Answer: The investment is $395.00 per month over the 6 months coaching program for the Basic Level and $800 per month for the VIP Level.

Question: Do I share information about my book during the program?  

Answer: You can share as much as or as little as you feel comfortable, but it's not required.

Question: How much time will I need to dedicate to the program?

Answer: I recommend 4-6 hours a week, however it depends on 1. the length of your book, and 2. if you're starting from zero or if you've already started your book.

Question: Can I join if I've already started my book?

Answer: Absolutely! The program is designed to meet you at whatever stage you’re at with writing your book.

Question: Will the group coaching provide feedback or editing of my writing or book?

Answer: No. I give you the training and resources to help you write and edit the book yourself and how to work with a professional editor.




"I’ve been talking about writing a book forever, so when I saw Elke was offering a workshop called “Write the Damn Book” I knew it was for me. Not only did Elke give me the encouragement I needed to stay on track for the entire month, she taught me the importance of goal setting, the organizational elements required behind the actual “writing” of the book, and how to be accountable to myself and my story. The group coaching sessions were full of tips and tricks. The content was driven by our requests and it was very helpful to see the questions, struggles and triumphs of the other participants. As I told Elke, we often don’t know what we don’t know, so her insight and experience was truly valuable. I would highly recommend Write the Damn Book – Group Coaching to anyone who wants to stop talking about their book and start writing it. It has given me the momentum I needed. I am still writing and have implemented a weekly writing schedule that fits perfectly into my life."

Alyson Medeiros

"I am motivated to write more and better, in a structured and disciplined manner. Elke delivered as promised and provided material which help me hone my craft. I continue to take advantage of the writing tips Elke shares on social media. I encourage budding writers, poets, etc., to participate in her workshops and online coaching opportunities."

Glenda Jack

"I was recommended by a mutual friend to join the CayWriters group as a place to foster my craft of writing. Elke has been nurturing to my craft yet remains objective throughout. The resources that she provides has served me well throughout the years. I particularly benefited from the writing workshops that she organized. I love Elke’s passion for writing and for encouraging other writers as well. In fact, it is with Elke’s encouragement that I’ve set even higher goals for myself."

Karolyn Smith


I know how hard it is to write a book. Writing is lonely, especially when you're surrounded by people who don't believe and support your dream.

Right now, you're excited to write your book, but your blood is pumping with dread thinking about the time, effort, and money it's going to take.

I get it, but you've been here before saying you can do it alone. Can you? What does your gut say?

How many times have you started and stopped writing your book? 

How many times has fear, doubt, and life stopped you from finish the book that's been on your heart to write?  

STOP saying another time! STOP letting another year find you without fulfilling the dream of writing your book.

Your story matters. Your book matters!



Get the focus, support, and accountability you need to finish your book!

Join the Write the Damn Book 6 month group coaching program by choosing your option below.

Option 1 - BASIC LEVEL

  • 1 Book Assessment at the start of the program to identify your Success Roadmap, taking you from where you are to edited first draft
  • 1 Book Assessment Call with Elke  
  • Program Success Roadmap to guide you through the program
  • Access to the Writer’s Academy courses for 6 months
  • Monthly Accountability Group Coaching Calls over 6 months
  •  Weekly Zoom Writing Sessions 


Write Now Cards with motivational quotes specifically for writers

Access to the Writer’s Academy Video Library for 6 months

6 Steps to Jumpstart Your Author Platform PDF to help you start building an author platform and connect with future readers.

$395 per month




Everything you see in the Basic Level, including bonuses, PLUS:

  • Personalized Coaching Plan
  • Monthly 1-1 Assessment Coaching Calls with Elke for 6 months
  • Messenger Support for 6 months

$800 per month

Ready to get started?

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