2017 Goals

Last week I highlighted the best CayWriters blogs for 2016. This week I’m talking about my goals for 2017.

When I established CayWriters in 2013, my only goal was to connect writers in Cayman with each other, whether they were published authors or just starting out. I had found an amazing online community of writers myself and wanted to create that same experience for other writers in the Cayman Islands.

The monthly in person writing group started with only five attendees who were friends and family, but quickly morphed into a community of almost 200 people, along with the yearly event the Cayman Islands Book Fair.

I started a Facebook Group when I realized not everyone could attend the monthly meetings, and to have another avenue for connecting with and providing resources to help writers on their journey to publication. Last year I started training videos through FB Live and created and shared my own resources, and resources I either used myself and thought would be helpful to the writers in the group.

I love helping other writers, and this year I’m upping my game-and shifting out of my comfort zone-by creating programs and other helpful resources for the writers in the group. I’m super excited and terrified!

When making this shift, I had to overcome my self-doubt and fears. “You don’t know anything about writing or launching programs. You’re no expert. Who are you to give other writers advice? I had to remind myself several times: I’ve managed million dollar projects, I can learn how to launch programs. I’ve published four books, two of which are self-published, and been a freelance writer for over two years, I have valuable advice to share.

I don’t know it all, but I’m knowledgeable about writing and publishing, I’m passionate about helping writers, and I’ve been compiling and learning tons about the writing industry. I can do this!

I’m a huge believer in having an accountability partner when setting goals and why I’m sharing these goals on the CayWriters website, and my author website. There can never be enough accountability!

2017 GOALS

Writing Programs

Create and launch Jumpstart Your Writing Routine

Create and launch Jumpstart Your Writing Goals

Write Jumpstart Your Story

Write Jumpstart Your Author Platform

These programs are part of a training series from the FB Live videos I created this year. I plan to expand on them and provide a structure learning experience for writers.

Host the 2017 Cayman Islands Book Fair

Your First 5k

A new service I’m offering for writer in the group who’re looking for feedback.

Create Writing Resources

A collection of various forms of resources to help the writers in the group find what they need for their writing journey.

Monthly FB Training Videos

I’m doing this now, and plan to structure the topics and share them on YouTube for writers who aren’t on Facebook.

Monthly Writing Sprints

I hosted random 7 day writing sprints last year. This year the sprints will be 5 days and scheduled every month. The sprints are designed to help writers start writing, stay on track, and provide a kick in the pants platform so they keep writing throughout the year and achieve writing goals.

Structure Monthly Meetings

The CayWriters monthly meetings have always had an open agenda, but in 2017, they’ll be structured with specific topics, guest authors, and tons of other exciting features including coordinating with Art Nest-an amazing space for ALL creatives in Grand Cayman.

So there you have it, my goals for 2017. I hope you’ll follow my progress throughout the year.

If you’d like to join an amazing community of writers online or in person, you can do so:


IN PERSON – The monthly meetings are hosted at Art Nest studio in Pasadora Place in George Town, Grand Cayman the last Saturday of every month at 6:00pm. Sign-up for the CayWriters newsletter to get notifications.

If you’re not ready for a commitment, why not follow CayWriters on social media: Facebook, Instagram, and read the highlights on our blogs to see if we’re a good fit for you.

Do you set writing goals? What are your goals for 2017?